Grand Holiday Scenes with Glass Cylinder Vases

Tall Cylinder Vases Offer Great Christmas Decorating Opportunities

As the most wonderful time of the year begins to roll in, many of us find ourselves in a frenzy to find the perfect accents that will finalize your home decorations in time for the autumn and winter season. Or, if you’re like me, you’re probably trying to achieve that special look that will not only welcome, but impress your dinner guests during the holidays: shiny gold ribbons, bold red and pine green trims, clusters of reflective ornaments, shimmering glass, and warm lighting. But how can we tie these things together into a neatly wrapped package with a bow on top? As always, Vase Market is here to answer the call, by introducing our most popular collection of items: cylinder glass vases.
If you've visited Vase Market before and browsed our cylinder vase collection, you'll know that we have a HUGE variety. Almost every combination of width and height is available to serve your specific decorating needs.

An autumn themed arrangement featuring wide cylinder vases with photos, twigs, and candles

Wide Vases Welcoming Autumn and Winter
Among our widest vases are include 8" diameter vases10" diameter vases and 12" diameter vases. If you have the space for them, you'll find that wider vases are extremely easy to work with and easy to clean. If you're already thinking of trying out these large vases, then I'm guessing you probably already have a plan for how you're going to use them. But just in case you don't, here are some ideas.

Wide cylinder vases make grand holiday scenes easy to achieve when you aquire the right elements, some of which you can easily aqcuire from nature. Filling some of your taller wide cylinder vases with long, slender pieces of wood can give a cool, rustic aura reminicent of a grandmother's woodland home. While candles seem to be the obvious choice, there are more interesting ways to diversify your table arrangements. Wrap your vases with ribbons and burlap. Cluster varying heights of these vases, and fill them with different types of fillers (christmas tree ornaments, pine needs and pine cones, stems of holly, peppermints, bunches of crimson poinsettias, silver bells, and even snow-like glass sand, for a winter wonderland feel), and you're sure to create the most enchanting scene for your home or holiday events.

Gorgeous Holiday Centerpieces Made From Various Wide and Tall Cylinder Vases

Even during the off-season, wide cylinder vases have plenty of uses. They are sizeable enough to work as indoor flower pots. It's a popular choice if you want a strong, but subtle decorative accent for your living rooms and corporate lobby reception desks. Their size makes them more like large glass containers that can hold pretty much anything you want, so don't feel like you need to constrain yourself. Some people even use them as fish bowls or for display purposes.

The same cylinder vase, transformed into an seasonal pieceGlass Cylinder Vases. H-12", D-10"

Happy Mediums for Happy Holiday Evenings
Our more mid-range sized cylinders can still be used in ways similar to the ideas I've described above. But since not everyone has the space to create large complex tablescapes, these sizes can be considered more adaptable to homes and spaces that want a more cozy atmosphere. This doesn't mean they can't still be just as extravagant. Our medium sized cylinder vases are around 6" in diameter. Among our tallest sizes include 24", 26", 32", and even 40" tall! Because these vases can be incredibly tall, they're often used as lobby and floor vases. When they're placed near walls or next to your furniture instead of occupying your tables, they have the advantage of being fantastic decorative pieces that also save space.

One creative way of decorating your vases is with string lights. If you're not a fan of candles, string lights are a perfect alternative. You can place a 6" wide, tall cylinder vase on a small tea-table (and even on the floor, if it's sufficiently tall) near an outlet and your cords can be perfectly concealed, especially with the help of bright and colorful fillers. Such a display will be wonderful to admire, and it will certainly make a great conversation starter when everyone winds down for tea in the living room.

Christmas lights and ornaments in large cylinder vase

Tall, Slim, and Classy
Our most slender vases (around 4" to 5" in diameter) are the most popular choice for dining table centerpiece arrangements. Among these slimmer vases, we have an excellent selection of taller dimensions (22", 24", 26", and 28"). While these vases are perfect for traditional floral designs, I personally LOVE how perfect they are for floating candles. You can line several vases of varying heights along the center of a long table and fill each vase will water, holly drupelets, and a single floating candle. The bold red color of the holly will draw the attention of all your guests while adapting perfectly with the holiday theme.

Tall Cylinder Vases Offer Great Christmas Decorating Opportunities

With these spectacular design ideas, we hope you feel sufficiently inspired to start your holiday set ups. Happy decorating!


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