A House For Your Garden Part 2: Zinc Planters

Zinc Rectangle Planter Rose Gold Finish H-4" Open-5"x24"
In a previous post, we talked about our specialized wood planters, many of which contain a metal liner made of zinc. Today we will be mostly focusing on a special line of zinc rectangular planters, which come in rose gold and iron grey.
Zinc Rectangle Planter Iron Grey Finish H-4" Open-5"x24"Zinc Rectangle Planter Rose Gold Finish H-4" Open-5"x24"
However, we do have a great variety of planters made of zinc, and not just zinc lined wooden planters. To name a few, we also have zinc cylinder cups and corrugated cups, zinc dish planter sets, and birch-wrapped zinc planters. You can also click on the images below to check them out.
Zinc Cylinder Vase Iron Grey Finish H-4" D-3" Zinc Cylinder Vase w/ Birch Wood Wrap Set of 3
Planter Ridged Rustic Zinc Cylinder Set of 3 Birch Bark Square Planter Set
To Reiterate ...
Zinc vases offer a world of benefits not commonly know among casual gardeners. As a material, zinc is light-weight and corrosion resistant, which is why it is also used in prolonging the life of various materials including steel. This means you don't have to worry about rust or water damage. Zinc can also kill harmful microbes in the soil. Our zinc planters are also free of lead and abestos, so you can certainly use these planters to grow small vegetable gardens. You can learn more about the benefits of zinc for gardens here.
Zinc Rectangle Planter Iron Grey Finish H-4" Open-5"x20"Zinc Rectangle Planter Rose Gold Finish H-4" Open-5"x12"
While they're most commonly used as planters or long table centerpieces, they can also act as a simple box containers for holding or storing various items. There are all kinds of interesting arrangements you can make. You can have a long 24" or 28" planter carrying multiple small flowerpots in a row. At the right time of year, they can display seasonal items (pine cones, holly berries, candles, fruit etc.). Filled with flowers, or with wheatgrass, they'll also make unique decorative pieces for the home over fireplace mantles or long side tables lining the walls. Although they are not equipped with drainage holes, these planters are easy to handle, easy to clean, and they will serve their purpose whether indoors or out.

The Lost Art of Simplicity
One important principle of modern style decor is the use of basic shapes: circles, squares, rectangles, straight lines, etc. Our rectangle planters fulfill that aspect to a T, but they can also fit in well with other styles if you're willing to think outside the box (wink wink).
A close-up of the gunmetal iron grey texture
One look at the texture of our planters might give you some ideas. Our iron grey planters have a rough lined silver texture made to look slightly worn, which is perfect for any kind of vintage industrial, steampunk, or grungepunk decorative style. Since the metal has a look like it's been refurbished from early 20th century war materials, we also call this texture "gunmetal".
The rose gold planters, on the other hand, have a smoother appearance, with a color finish that can also be considered copper. By the principles of the style, these planters can also qualify for industrial style decor, but the brighter color also fits in with rustic / country style decor. In some ways, it is the greater simplicity of the rose gold planter that allows for this flexibility.
Zinc Rectangle Planter Rose Gold Finish H-4" Open-5"x28"
They are not remarkable to behold at first glance, and perhaps "simple" doesn't even begin to cover it. But while "simple" may describe much of what Vase Market offers, there are many who take great interest in our products and come to love them. Why? Because they know, as we know, that a container, be it a vase, a planter, or a candle holder, is but a single element of a much larger picture. The creative possibilities of their utility transcend their appearance. This is also true of our zinc rectangle vases. The images above help to demonstrate that. The splendor of what fills these planters is what teaches us how the sum of parts can become greater than the whole.
Happy decorating!


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