Under the Sea, and Into Your Vases

Assorted Colorful Beach Seashells

Vase Market carries a tremendous variety of imported, all natural, authentic sea glass shards, seashells, sea urchin, and starfish vase fillers that are sure to bring out your nautical, seaside spirit. These trendy assorted coastal and maritime accents are popular for tropical styles and beach decor. You can use them in candle making, or add them as ornaments to floral wreath arrangements. This collection includes a rainbow assortment of conches, cones, snail horns, scallop shells, clam shells, starfish, and more! See the animation below to learn more about different types of seashells and aquatic curios.

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Summer is fast approaching, and there's nothing I love more than to celebrate the season than with a happy trip to the seaside. But as a resident of southern California, I am privileged in my proximity to the beach. Those who are looking for a taste of the ocean, but live a little far from the shore for regualr visits, can still bring the ocean to them with just a few, all natural, tropical seashells, sea stars, and sea glass.

Different Types of Sea Shells

(Hover your mouse over each image to learn the name of each type of shell)
Turbo ArgyrostomusRapana RapiformisLambis Spider Conch
Voluta VespertilloTerebra TurritellaTrochus Stellatus
 Laevistrombus (Strombus) canariumStrombus Canarium UrceusOrange Pecten Vexillum
pecten vexillumLunarca Ovalis Blood Ark ShellsColorful Sea Urchin Shells
In the animation above, we describe the many different types of seashells offered on Vase Market. This gives you the chance to pick out the colors and shapes you like most, so you can mix and match to create the perfect combination of shells for any project. Whether you use them for jewelry making, vase filling, candle making, scrapbooking, or curio collecting, these beautiful vibrant shells will not disappoint.

Seastars / Starfish

Of course, there is no sea creature with a more distinct and recognizable shape than the sea star. While commonly called "knobby" starfish, the scientic community call them protoreaster nodosus or the "horned sea star". The older the sea star, the larger they become, and the more pointed their "horns". Some of Vase Market's sea stars are dyed in different colors to give a chromatic variety for your decorative pleasure.
Natural Knobby Starfish
Orange Knobby Horned Sea StarRed Knobby Horned Sea StarPink Knobby Horned Sea Star
Blue Knobby Horned Sea StarWhite Knobby Horned Sea Star

Sea Glass

Sea glass and beach glass that naturally form in the ocean or freshwater are physically and chemically weathered glass, gradually worn smooth by the rough tides and sand over many years. Vase Market has five different colors of frosted sea glass, and they are favorites for jewerly makers, mosaic artists, and event planners who use them as vase fillers. These weather glass pieces make beautiful additions to terrarium arrangements as well.
Frosted Sea GlassPeach Frosted Sea GlassFrosted Light Blue Sea Glass
Frosted Azure Blue Sea GlassFrosted Green Sea Glass

Assorted Mixes

Assorted Colorful Mixed Beach Seashells - 3.2 lbsAssorted Colorful Beach Seashells w/ starfish - 3.2 lbs Assorted Mixed White Beach Seashells w/ Starfish - 3.2 lbs

If you find that picking and arranging your own combination of shells makes your head spin, take a look at our pre-mixed assorted packages! They are arranged based on general traits: size and color, and might come with a special white finger sea star (See VFSS2001/00 and VFSS2002/00). These shells are packaged in lovely clear plastic gift bags, which is why they're the best gift for your oceanic / marine life fanatic friends and family.

How to Make Creative Arrangements with Sea Shells

In the example below, we can see that filling our glass bowl vases with sandseashells, and starfish, makes a creative, thalassic aesthetic that is perfect for outdoor beach and ocean themed weddings or birthday events. Adding just a single, small votive candle in the center really completes and picture, and is sure to sustain your creative design with a warm and enchanting light all throughout the night.
For a beach themed event, try adding sand, seashells, and other nautical elements to your bubble bowls

You can also see that sea urchins make cute, colorful additions to terrarium gardens. Try adding them to our small glass bubble bowls or our fish-shaped terrarium bowls.
Sea Urchins and other shells can be a fun accent to your terrariums

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